Personal Training

As a Personal Trainer with Shelford fitness I try to build your exercise around your goals and your ability. Age, ability and experience are irrelevant and if you lack confidence or motivation then I'm here to support (or nag) you. Over the last 16 years I've helped many clients and friends toward their goals whether that was climbing the Matterhorn, running their first 10km race, weight loss/gain or simply to build their confidence and improve how they feel about themselves. I recently have been working with a couple approaching their 80's who have been getting stunning results while later in the day I have a 19 year old woman working toward gaining weight through lifting weights using correct and proven techniques. 

Some may enjoy the push and encouragement to take you further while some are not used to exercise so getting techniques right as well as helping you understand why you're doing certain things with confidence is key to helping you feel you have achieved something with every session.  

Exercise can be daunting but having a Personal Trainer with you will help you to get where you want to be much faster than going it alone. 

Through Shelford fitness I offer blocks of training sessions spread over a number of weeks and encourage you to follow a healthy lifestyle between sessions. I also offer one-off sessions where I can design a programme for you to follow until you decide to return for an upgrade. If you need a massage to soothe those muscles then I can do that too. 

I offer personal training, sports massage and relaxing body massage from my home in Great Shelford, Cambridge as well as travelling to your home or outdoors if there is space in the diary. I'm very close to Sawston, Trumpington, Stapleford, Duxford, Cherry Hinton, Granchester and Newnam.   

I also offer discounted Personal Training for employees in the grounds of Granta Park, Great Abington as well as in the fitness facility at the Babraham Institute for employees of the park or those with access. 

Sports and Relaxing Massage


I am a qualified sports massage therapist able to perform deep tissue massage as well as relaxing Swedish style body massage. Whether you have a sporting injury or seek regular massage to prevent injury or are just feeling that some of your muscles are over tight then a deep tissue massage can help. I also offer 60 or 90 minute relaxing body massage if you feel like treating yourself or someone else. Base oils I use include sweet almond, grapeseed and olive oil. I am mobile so massages can be carried out at prety much any location.